Reviews for "The Final Happy Hour"

one of the bests games in this site 5 stars

The Reincarnation games are very great! Sure, they are short, but it makes you want to play the others or wait for more!

Hope u do make more awesome games like this one and that u make more episodes of these type of games. XD

I hope people understand how special a talent you are Lilg. Not only are you making great games, you are making them at a steady and consistent pace. Your cranking out content every 4 or so months while the other guys are lucky to get new content every 1 or 2 years. Your production management skills are so advanced and people would be wise to follow your example.

These Reincarnation games are all very cool, but what bugs me of course is the shortness of them. Other than me longing to play more, everything was great :)