Reviews for "The Final Happy Hour"


same as all the games takes a while and you uasuly end up checking the walkthrough

Unable to complete

Shame, I was enjoying myself for a while until it came to changing the chalkboard. After I did that, everything halted. I finally checked the walkthrough because I had no idea what to do from there, but it seems he was supposed to have automatically said "barkeep" and requested a new drink a few seconds after you change the sign. Regardless, I'm a fan of the series and am sure had I not encountered this error I would have enjoyed it -- no zero from me.

it was a 10/10...

but you lost 2 points, because the "free" demon for your android phone isn't free.
demon costs one dollar
something free costs no dollars.
false advertising, very disappointed...
other than that, great game, keep up the good work!

LiLg responds:

You're looking at the wrong app. The pet demon is 100% free. There is one you can buy for a dollar but it's the exact same as the free one.

i know

you use the sponge to erase the price

'Great Game!!!'

Splendid Idea!Thanks for making An Awesome Game for Us!
It is kind of hard but FUN!I I give this game a 9/10