Reviews for "The Final Happy Hour"


epic...as always...who ever has never tried this series.....i suggest u do :D

as always brilliant

dial 666-evil XD
great game hope to see more soon, ok that sounded generic , though I did like the fact this was a bit longer than the others :)


I love the series so much!!

Keep ehm going please more morre! I just love the short episodes..but how would it be, to have a larger game than that?

I suggest a full Adventure of Pointing and Clicking with the lil Evil Guy and a whole bunch of reincarnys to send back to hell oh man this'd be awesome .3

Love this!!! :ยง


Wait, this was a Reincarnation game, and I didn't know until NOW?! :O I AM SO SORRY, MY FRIEND D:

Ignoring that comment, I apologize for not reviewing this game until now. As always, this was another "Reincarnation" game that was worth playing. What I especially liked about it was the close-up on the Reincarny's face when he revealed his evil side (something you don't really see in games like this). That was pretty hilarious.

I really hope you make more! :D


I absolutely loved this game! I'm looking forward to see the next one you make! =)