Reviews for "Wake up for the ending"

Splendid, but some problems with audio.

Loved it, good sir. Dramatic, thoughtful, a poignant view on the cycle of nature. Song choice was excellent as well, but unfortunately (maybe it's just me and my sensitive headset) I heard some clicking and popping from the audio not being clear enough. It distracted from the video, and as such I can only give you a 9. I hope you understand =(


Awsome job with the music and really liked the phasing!


The visuals are amazing. You should update the file with better audio. It's clipping-out on the beats!

Death never looked so... Lively.

Never thought I'd see a flash animation based on mother nature. It was a good one at that. Soundtrack was also good. All in all, I like it.


To tell the truth, this flash movie was the last thing to help me push past my writer's slump! This Death of Autumn was a great inspiration and new perception at the transition into winter. I have to say, you executed the cue of the visual scenes with music pretty well, and overall, I liked the display of nature. Especially how the animals have somewhat of a shadowy presence.
I thoroughly applaud this admirable piece of work.
- Frostbyte