Reviews for "Wake up for the ending"


Really good job on this... The song + this video.

That was beautiful

Enought said.
(A question here, what's the name of the tune?)

Very Nice

You did a great job on the flash, and the Audio felt like it fit. I also enjoyed the emphasis on the things like little flashes of winter shining threw the trees, and birds flying away. Great job, and I hope to see more flash from you! Only thing that could be better is adding a menu.

Worth the watch

Definitely worth the watch. Your animation is nice, but you can do better. Also, the music didn't really warrant the message you were trying to pass. Something slower and more "mournful" would have been better. Give a better feel of dying. All around a good video, just some small things I found didn't work with it. 8/4

Poignant indeed.

I like your insight into nature. The seasons are a cliche, everyone knows the death-to-life story of winter transcending into spring but you've eclipsed some major beauties of winter's approach- the glimpses of glaring winter light through the clouds, the brush of the leaves and the sharp focus of fleeting birds, overall I feel that your flash doesnt present a message that the watcher has to walk away from pondering but the flash is to simply be taken casually, we appreciate it for what it is.

It doesnt ask any questions but just leaves its mark.
Also, the Xx are fantastic, I was going to pull you about them not being mentioned up the left hand side but I've seen you've done the courtesy of mentioning them in the Author comments. Nice work kim, can't wait to see your further works.

Also, on a side note I quite like thelastkilers review.