Reviews for "Wake up for the ending"

Can I Sleep Through it Instead?

Thanks but the Northeast Coast of the United States got itself a brief snowstorm well before Halloween. It was a thick one, too, meaning several trees' branches fell and littered the roads and power lines. How's that for waking up for the ending?

Actually, despite the simplicity or downright crudity of background drawings, this is a pretty slick example of sparse but poignant traditional animation and blur effects, everything from leaves falling to snow falling through the air. The soundtrack is also cool although I'm pretty sure it isn't from the Audio Portal. In all, this is a nifty little piece that captures a moment of time and fixes your vision onto the screen until it ends. And as an early effort, it lacks a replay screen and simply loops.

There could be more to this piece, but for what it is, it has a certain beauty one cannot deny is there. 7 of 10.