Reviews for "Wake up for the ending"

a good visionary piece

The animation was crisp, I liked the style you did this in, and the music really put it all together rather nicely. Good Job


muzika irgi lb tinka, tik kaip sugebejai viska sutalpint i 300kb?

Kimpimpim responds:

cia dar nekonvertuotas swf. failas imestas:)

Nice fame-by-frame practice!

Not an ideal subject for flash animation, but it was pretty with all the nature artwork and what not. It was overall good with the music, too.

Really liked it

This was just a mellow, good way to remember the seasons. Very evocative in the images and the music certainly set the tone.


You've certainly got vision; this is a great romanticizing of the season change. Well animated and the effects and music etc., but there are a few bits that could use a bit of improvement, like the rays of light shining down; especially the animated ones. Good job.