Reviews for "Wake up for the ending"

nice and relaxing

this video is a good way to calm down great job i can see you worked hard on it.

nice job

Great video. The art is really well done and I liked how you synced some of the changes in your shots with the music. But maybe make some credits and mention the xx? and a preloader/a replay button instead of just a constant loop. hope to see more stuff from you soon

and for every1 who was asking about the music. the song is called intro by the xx. check out their album it's really good.


Wonderful artwork and music. And speaking of which, could you release the music for this piece in the audio portal? I would love to listen to it when I'm working or writing, and I'm sure a lot of other people would like to have it, too.

Hope to see more from you!


This is how I often imagine the changing of the seasons. Off in some far away land where you can look to every horizon and not see a single human. This is a very good frame by frame animation. I miss seeing more of these in the portal. What I want to know is, what is the music in the video?


Everything came together very beautifully. What was the music? Sounds like The Cure.

Kimpimpim responds:

the song in the video is "intro" by the XX
check out their album, because they are really inspiring