Reviews for "Trigger-Treat"


what did you mean by true meaning of Christians?
And the game
It was fast paced on your feet.
Laughable story and plot.
Multiple endings.
i liked the music
The game was dead end. No development or anything just monogamous.
No upgrades or advancement.
no variety.
Put in just basic upgrades. more damage, rate of fire.
More weapons. Maybe a way to beat levels and advance to a boss. It would not be hard to just add something and reuse level design.
hope it helps.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Well, the game was developed in a short span of time, but thanks for the suggestions.


The movies were great. The whole game idea was unique and fun. I thought the difficulty was very precise, not too easy but not too difficult. The mask designs were pretty cool. The controls were very fluid. (Note: To those saying Z doesnt work, make sure you are standing at the pumpkin with 100 candy). I would have liked to see more of the bunny type enemies, or some other types of special enemies. But over all very well made

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanks for the review!


The thing I liked most were the movies, actually! It was not too hard a game or anything, but a nice timewaster and worth playing for the endings.
I found a few glitches, though. At some point the enemies wouldn't advance into the screen anymore, while I was able to shoot them from time to time - points kept counting, so yeah, easy 40000, I guess.
It says "press Z to kill all" which just doesn't work. I didn't try US keyboard layout yet but usually this is not necessary.
Also, the slam attack seems too work only occasionally for me. :( (I did have enough points)

Hey, I liked it! So: 4/8

Manly-Chicken responds:

The slam attack only works inside now (due to a combo exploit)
Idk about them not coming inside anymore, I'll try to fix.
The Z probably has to do with the keyboard, it works fine for me.


Game had a few 'issues' in my opinion. First of all, once you are forced to enter the house there's hardly any chance to leave it again - byeee extra points. Another thing: Bouncy tough fellows inside the house - too much hp to be killed fast, can't be swept with that airbender omg-so-cool-dafuqq move, a.k.a instadeath.
Last thing: I always get pissed when there's no way of upgrading your skills - why not unleash all mobs at once since they get stronger and you don't.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Sorry you didn't like it, but thanks for playing.
Your review is actually really great.
It outlined what you liked/didn't like in a honest, direct, ways to improve, and not obnoxious manner.

Too many glitches

This game would be fun If I had more control over my character.

Manly-Chicken responds:

Sorry, will try to fix.