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Reviews for "Let It Rain"

I like it

Neat game! Simple and clear, I like it.

Well,i go with pretty much what everyone else says

at first you see this game and you're like.


and then two minutes later you find yourself asking "But why must i let it rain."

and then kablam. boredom hits.

glitch dosn't work but still fun

the glitch with the 180 clicks didnt work on me.i guess you mean 180 balloons?anyway, great game!

nice idea

great idea and great animation but gets a tad boring.

Could use a little more

It's a nice idea, but it could use a little tweaking. A lot of the puzzles aren't hard to figure out, just a pain to implement, and the game loses it's luster rather quickly.

To leave on a good note, the game is well de-bugged, cleanly colored and animated (a huge plus to any physics game), and the idea is creative.