Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Too easy.

1. Game is beatable with pistol only. No point to have any other weapon.
2. Too many bullets in pistol which allows to just spam them. Works excellent especially on last waves when enemies run as bunch of small sub-waves and you don't have to care about accuracy: any shot will hit something. Just burst them with pistol and you'll have plenty time to reload before next sub-wave. I can imagine what's gonna happen when shooting machinegun.
3. Piercing bonus is just a cheat. You shoot once and put down like 5-8 enemies.
4. Enemies trajectory is too simple and seems to be not random which allows to just catch packs on few "death points" and put them down with one pistol shot.
5. Soundtrack has no any interlude. Fade at the end would work better than just stop and start again.
2 for programming + 2 for gameplay.

bit dull really

So you are the last man alive, but decided to live in "Chonobyl" which I presume you mean the radioactive town of Chernobyl, a pretty stupid move, where you then realise infact you are being chased by loads of people in NBC suits, bit of an odd storyline... also the graphics are poor, gameplay repetitive, and yeah, I didn't like it, felt unoriginal and without any spark

Meh nothing new

Just like The Ambrose said man this is an old thing done once to many. you bring nothing new to the table and it is really repeditive i found myself after 4-5 waves with the sniper and Saw but all i used was the pistol considering how easy it is to get head shots. music is repetitive but nice. graphics are sub par. as stated you misspelled Chernobyl and thats pretty cliche. Honestly i dont see how this made it to the front page.


It was fine, until you lose a wave. It doesn't give the option of spending your upgrade points, just "restart so you can lose again" crap.

The enemies were basically the same thing, just different colors meaning how far away they'll attack. Blah, not much diversity there, eh?

I had over $20,000 and nothing to spend it on. Bought everything. The machine gun was total bullshit - the accuracy (bullet spread) was literally a 90 degree angle. In other words, the machine gun is a retarded weapon and the assault rifle is the best.

The way the screen clogs up with blood is cool - unless it blocks your vision to the point where you can't see anything. Come on, please test this shit.

The problem with this game is repetition and unbalance, and no ending to the point where you just get to a wave that you can't beat. That's the reason for my 4/10. There are much better defense games that offer more options and playability than this... so my question is: what did this game bring to the table? Same old.

This game.

Needs to get the difficulty increased. I bought a sub machine gun pumped to 3 star power then saved for a light machine gun, pumped that to 3 star power and proceeded to finish the game with ease. Also add different enemies like a car where u need to use an anti-vehicle gun or something.