Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Very fun , and nice art!

I like the art and responsive aim, but pistol does seem quite over powered, bigger field would be nice and defensive upgrades and enemies that require them would be neat. Good game!

Not bad

A couple of weak points:

- I found the LMG completely useless - it is so inexact and takes so long to reload, given that damage is not that important (a couple of hits from the AR will kill even the strongest enemy) the extra damage doesn't do anything to make up for the weak points.
- Money becomes pretty useless very quickly - you can get the AR by the third or fourth round and then there is nothing to do with it.
- It is very frustrating that if you lose a round you cannot go back and change anything, you can only retry.
- It gets pretty repetative, there is very little difference between levels and very little to upgrade. There is not even a grinding element to give replay some value.

That being said, this is a nice little game. Graphics aren't bad and the controls are fine. Getting the medals makes you give some effort without being impossible. I like the fact that even on the higher levels there are some smaller packs that you can kill with the sniper rifle to improve your hit rate. Not bad for a defence shooter, thanks!

Fun, but really easy

How to win. 1. Get sniper rifle. 2. Increase rifles damage and ammo. 3. pwn

Maybe Too Easy

Nice game, compact, easy and quick 4 a long night whrere you wanna play many games.
You make us feel we're great gamers in the way tje difficulty is adjust. Maybe you can add levels to change de difficult. It seems to me that all of them are piece of cake and only various ins the amount of soldiers in each level.
Sure I recognize the colors of them implicates their levels, but with an well equipped sniper i killed them off easily.
Keep up the great work! :)

Good time-killer.

Great time-killer. Reloading takes to long though! Whenever I reload the S.A.W. I get overrun! Also It would be more fun with more weapons. I once you buy them all money becomes useless. Still, pretty fun.