Reviews for "Duty Hill"


I feel like the pistol is overpowered... it has more accuracy than a rifle, more damage than smg but the Rate of Fire will depend on how fast you click. Give it a few damage upgrade and piercing and it will the best gun of choice.


FAR too easy.

I picked up the sniper rife and upgraded it's firepower to max within the first three rounds. Everyone and at least the two people behind them died in one shot, and after I got maxed out magazine size (24 four rounds!!!) it was just me randomly clicking the screen watching everyone die like they where made out of paper and broken glass.

pretty good

Beat the hardcore with just the pistol, died once or twice, no life lost last round =]]]


Its good but would have been better if you had more to spend money on and the only gun you need is the AR I kicked Ass all game with it.

Too easy!!!

I really loved the graphics of this game, but there really isn't any challenge in this at all. Maybe if the sniper rifle was nerfed, there might be more challenge involved; because after maxing it out, the game lost its fun.

Overall a nice experience while it lasted! However i do believe the effort of the author deserves more attention because after several minutes into this, it became repetitive and boring. Still, a commendable effort :D