Reviews for "Duty Hill"


I feel like the pistol is overpowered... it has more accuracy than a rifle, more damage than smg but the Rate of Fire will depend on how fast you click. Give it a few damage upgrade and piercing and it will the best gun of choice.


not bad

pretty good game. could use some more upgrades, guns, and maybe grenades or somethin, but a pretty solid game


I was surprised to find out that this game turned out to be that good. The game was shorter than I expected it to be but in my opinion that doesn´t make it bad. But I was sorry for not upgrading at least one weapon to the max because the game was over already without a single warning before. I also would have liked if the opportunity were given to increase your defense.

ok but..

nice game even though easily beatable by purchasing and uprading the sniper rifle
(can pierce through multiple enemies and can be fired as fast as the minigun. also the reloding time is insanely fast)

after that you can just 'farm' money for the other guns and the archievement.

in short
- the guns are not really balanced.
-after you got all gun money is worthless.
-enemies are nothing special. they only shoot from different distances. and thats not really challenging.
+fluid animation. (really nice)

its not bad! its a nice time waster but maybe you could bring some more challenge in the sequel.


Fun game, but yes, after the sniper rifle gets quite easy, dont need to buy anything else
PS:got into top 10 in first gameplay!xD