Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Easily improved

Well in theroy, but most likely not.
Here is a little list:
either have more options for cash or decrease the rate of cash gain
perhaps make different enemies other than color and range
More weapons or more expensive weapons.
that is all. Still a good game, but easily boring

This isnt all too bad

However it's really really easy. Insofar as I can basically clear levels out with only a pistol, considering headshots are really easy to take with the pistol.

Not a bad game, in it's own rights. However, one thing I noticed was that some of the soldiers are pretty well camouflaged against the background. Which is kind of undue difficulty towards players.

Aside from that, it's a good one if you're just hanging around all boredlike.


challenging, still very good time waster.

assault rifle fun time

pistol is very scrapy with a +1 damage.

save up for the AR and save points. by that time you should have 2 stars.

AR does slight penetration so put the 2 stars into ammo. next 2 stars into damage. max out the AR in ammo and damage. buy mashin gun when ready as a back up.

completely max out the AR and when shooting, aim up and sweep down for massive troop murder.

Good Game but...

I agree its a very godo game, but the pistol is WAAAAAAAY to overpowered, 98% of my shots are insta kills with bullet piecring i basically auto win :\