Reviews for "Duty Hill"

I liked it

Idk what Wearfare is smoking...but I liked your game. Kinda short and easy with little expansion on story or the shop, but sometimes that's the best kind of game. Sniper Rifle is overpowered lol...maybe cut down the speed between shots? Cuz right now it pwns all.

grate game but there are some problems

like when you get bloody it can some times make it close to imposibal to see who is the one shooting at you and the enimys barly run up i had one on rond 4 that walked out and shot at me from the spawn witch is ridicules because the my screen got bloody and three guys got to there spots and sot me so i died witch in my opinion killed the game.

A decent distraction

Yet not much to come back to. As others have said the pistol is about the only weapon needed to beat the game, and even with minimum upgrades is a far more effective weapon than the more expensive ones. In the end I even felt punished for using anything but the pistol, despite half of my upgrade points not being devoted to it.
The game could of also used more of a money sink. Perhaps trading the upgrade points to upgrade costs, making players choose between upgrading a weapon or buying new ones with what they've earned (it might also help to remove the pistols dominance somewhat). Grenades too would of been a nice thing to see implemented in the game.

Otherwise, it made for a nice 30-minute time waster, I just wish there was a little more to do with the cash earned.

Pretty good

For a time waster its pretty good. i had no trouble with the weapons, i just stuck with the p90 the whole time and it was a beast once it was fully upgraded, with great damage, a big clip and decent accuracy (fire in short bursts like it says) i never felt overwhelmed.
good game

Haha! 1 against a million

The game is funny but a bit too easy. It gets annoying after a while. Looks like the little army toys I'd play when I was just a kid.