Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Like many have said before,

it is all to easy, the sub machinegun is overpowered when given pierce, and any other weapon is pretty much useless in the latter levels(including Light machinegun)
maybe give troops a bit more health, or a cover system they take to actually avoid bullets... would add some much needed difficulty to the game and perhaps give a use for the other weapons.
still, a fun game.

Decently good

I thought the game was reasonably fun, though like others apparently did I won just by upgrading the SMG as quickly as possible. You should also try to add another gun, as you have quite a bit of money early on that you cant use.


But my only thing is the lack of guns and the huge amounts of credits i have piling up.

Duty Hill- funny name

funny name, but overall good game kinda easy, especially with the sniper, but even without it still easy maybe add difficulty levels for the next one or maybe boss battles, more enemies and more weapons, but still good game

Good game overall ... but the buyable weapons are kinda unnecessary. You can beat the whole game with just your pistol if you upgrade the damage and piercing.

Other than that great job, I really like these kind of tower defense and upgrade games.
4 stars cause it wasn't that long and the enemies didn't really change much.
(Boss battle maybe? =P)