Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Surprisingly good.

The simple one frame of "Chernobyl" does alot to dash any hopes of a diverse game spent gunning down retards that just don't know the value of a mortar tube. But diversity (however small) does lay within. Five weapons stand between them and that nice hill that you call home. Are they jealous? Do they yurn for a hilltop view of the hellish wastleland you have come to love? One thing is sure, five upgradable guns spit lead out symphonically while the soon to be mutants of Chernobyl race toward that prime piece of real estate that has killed so many before it. Will it win "Game of the Millenium"... no. But it's worth thirty minutes while you sit at your computer (in your underwear) on a Sunday morning, trying to juggle your corn flakes and the mouse. Kill em all!

Great Job!

I love the fact how the soldiers are like those plastic toy soldiers I used to have when I was a kid.


Great Job!


how can 1 guy take don an ENTIRE army w/ only a M16 and a USP?
other than that good job!

Generic defense shooter, only extra monotonous.

What do I need to say? The music, sound and animations were solid and beautiful, so I don't have anything constructive to comment on those, but the overall gameplay was very stale and without innovation. Innovation isn't a necessity, but the enemies were just very vulnerable brown, grey and red dudes who charge endlessly at you. No vehicles or mini-bosses to mix up the action?

The game was also extremely easy all things considered. Like I said, enemies were just the same dull, recolored infantryman who go down like flies and have giant headshot hitboxes. The beginning pistol with a few upgrades is enough to tide you over until you skip straight to the god-tier M16. A few upgrades to power, mag size and one point in penetration, and the game becomes easy mode. The other weapons just don't compare. The point being that you should have balanced out the weapons more, though that might be hard with only one kind of enemy in the entire game and only ever one effective strategy to play.

The game was also a bit short, but I guess it would be bad to go on and on in monotony. Its good that there are leaderboards that give some reason to replay it.

I give it a 5 because I don't believe in inflated game magazine metrics. This game is average and solid, but too much so, so a 5 is what it gets.

Pretty good

For a time waster its pretty good. i had no trouble with the weapons, i just stuck with the p90 the whole time and it was a beast once it was fully upgraded, with great damage, a big clip and decent accuracy (fire in short bursts like it says) i never felt overwhelmed.
good game