Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Good game, but...

Ok, so this is a pretty fun game. Nothing too new, nothing too interesting, but hey, what can you expect?

But where the hell is the reloade-button if you don't use an american or english keyboard? I use a swedish one, and that particular key doesn't even exist (or rather, there is a key there, but with a different function, and it sure doesn't reload my weapon)

Great game but Sniper Rifle Perhaps too powerful

The game was great but I found that the Sniper Rifle was perhaps too powerful. Once you got it, it was like your staple weapon. Use it to mow down the entire screen, or to get out of a tricky situation where you run out of ammo with your Light Machine Gun. Made overpowered if you upgrade it too.

Besides the weapons though, my main gripe would be with reloading the weapon. It is simply beyond annoying to have it next to the weapon selection keys because your constantly hitting your pistol or some other key and it makes it difficult to play the game. The Pausing of the game was also kind of a nuisance as well when you clicked outside the game.

awesome !

This game is really fun and have played it and won many times.
can you make a version 2 of this ?


sniper rifle .... i like it. if you wanna finish this game fast use the sniper rifle averybody and your mother is scary of one simple shot of the sniper rifle.

Pistol Whiped

Fun little game nice time killer. Also beat the game with just the pistol the fully upgraded pistol is a beast. Head shots all over the spot.