Reviews for "Duty Hill"


Its good but would have been better if you had more to spend money on and the only gun you need is the AR I kicked Ass all game with it.

its ok

its a nice game, for a time waster.. won't be playing it again since its kinda stale.. after i bought the sniper, its somewhat easy and then i got enough money to buy the last weapon and put all the stars in it.. its done.. even if there were wave 500 it won't matter.. doing headshots btw in early levels is a must! more money and if possible, always do 100% accuracy, gives lots of money.. easy game if you ask me.. only died once, curious what would happen if they came near me..

like someone said, few guns lots of money..

took me minutes to see where the reload button is.. dunno why you just won't make it "R" button..

after finishing this game, is 100% boring.. sorry..

Decent game but----

there is no real use for money as you can just buy every weapon after wave 4 or 5.
i ended up having more than 60k money in the end and nothing to use it on. i would prefer having some Barricades,traps etc. to spend my money at. also the amount of money you gain is ridiculously high.

overall difficulty is very easy, as you don't really have to upgrade any other weapon than Machine gun to max and single shot as the first round is allways straight line shot-
it makes all the other weapons useless when you can just headshot with 100%.
adding to that you can just restart from the wave if you messed up.

the game itself was great, nothing new or that interesting but those small details i described were kinda bumming me out among the reload key not working maybe add it to R as it is usually the reload key in other games.


good game can use more weapons and difficulty

to reload press the ` button most games have R but meh .

Great game

Well, I gotta say I enjoyed it very much, but, as others have said, after you upgrade the sniper rifle the game becomes too easy.

Maybe if we had to purchase the upgrade points the game would have been a greater challenge.