Reviews for "Duty Hill"


this is a good game the last part was a little hard but its AWESOME!

I think your reward system needs reworking...

I could afford to buy all the guns halfway through the game, but with only 1 upgrade point being granted everyday, I could only completely upgrade 1 weapon.

My suggestion would be to reward less money per level but more upgrade points.


kept me going all the way to the end, not too hard, but just enough that I have to think and work for it occasionally. Nicely done!

And Axel, you are totally right! I played a game about being a tank on the moon, and let me tell you, there is NO FUCKNIG AIR ON THE MOON, I mean, if there isn't any air, why are my bombs exploding? Its not like anyone ever had a war on the moon either. At the end earth just called in a nuclear warhead and blew up all the enemies just before we were rescued by a spaceship. What an uninspiring ending...

Now, if you were to do something like Payday did, and fight in a bank with a lot of guards coming in everywhere, and have to steal some gold, then I would give you a better score because I've never seen it before.

Trolling or just stupid?


If you love to have the feeling like you are a war hero. Then, this is the only way how to imagine while sniping or shooting all of the many waves of enemy hostiles.

Total COD4 rip off. Otherwise solid

You even used Chernobyl as a backdrop. There have been no wars in Chernobyl as its a nuclear wasteland, so why there? You just ripped off the Chernobyl level from COD4. Why are you protecting the hill? So a chopper can come and rescue you and your wounded teammate? That'd be as original as the rest of this game.

If you had done something different like 'Black Sheep Acres' did then I'd rate you a much better score because aside for the irritating music the game is solid. Just why did you have to make a COD rip off.