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Reviews for "Turning The Tide"

Level 8?

The game is decent enough, and I certainly like it more than "Plough the skies".
Different levels and specific mission goals are a good thing.
I don't think respawning is done so well, though. If you die in lvl 8 for example, you sometimes respawn at the same interval the V2s are coming: insta-repeat-kill.
Upgrade system is fine and graphics and music fit, I think.

But just like another user said, I cannot pass level 8. I shot every V8 launcher then bombed it to make sure. The rockets disappear but there's no destruction animation for the launcher. I tried 10+ times now, so, yeah I got all 4 of them.

Hope there's a fix! Those medals are tempting. ;)

Nice game

I liked the simple concept, it kept me playing for a while.

It's not boring at all, every time i tried to beat my previous score.
That's the real callenge, beating yourself. Kept me entertained.
I liked the music to, normally i mute in game music because most of the time they are very annoying. Not the case here.

And answering your question: Yes i got them all, that also means your game is fully functional. Grats

SteveHarris responds:

Pleased to hear you enjoyed it :)

The version over at teagames.com has an extra 4 levels if you'd like to give that a go.

Well done for getting all the medals!



why medal "death from above" is broken
I have this medal in game but not in newgrounds

Decent fun, but...

the game seems to keep resetting some of my save data between the second and third level if I go to the upgrades/level select screens. My upgrades and score on the first 2 levels are maintained, but every level past the first becomes locked, and my medals disappear. I'm not sure if any of that is supposed to happen.

Other than that, the game is good quality.

Level 8 Glitch

Im having the same probleam with level 8, where i can not beat it no matter what.
Still a really good game if you fix the glitch.

SteveHarris responds:

I'm struggling to re-create this error. Are you sure you destroyed all 4 launchers?