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Reviews for "The Nightmare Realm"

i knocked at the door, it killed me, try again, i'm restarting at the door and it automatically knocks on the door, and so on and on ..... >_<

how do you move away from the door?

littlekittysilver responds:

Move your mouse down to the lower left corner. An arrow should pop up.


I knock on the door of the house and die.
What a lovely game.

I hope you find some motivation and continue to work on it as it's got a lot of potential to be great. :D

littlekittysilver responds:

Ya, stalling on the door too long will kill you. XD Lol aren't timers great. And I had been working on more animation before my computer crashed, just not all of it is uploaded up on newgrounds, only the good ones are. And I'm glad you like it, if you want to see more of what I was upto, you can always check out my Deviant art page, http://littlekittysilver. deviantart.com/ but that's only if you like.

The game needs some sort of intro

Players are also going to want some sort of heads up on how to PLAY the game.

littlekittysilver responds:

That's the thing, in horror games, you don't always know where things are. When I'm in my dreams I don't have this crow bar glowing off behind the oil can or something. I gotta look around and uses my head to figure things out. in this case just move your mouse crazy and the arrows will glow for you. lol

It was entertaining

I tried to play the whole game, but I got stuck at the waterfall area, I didn't find any hotspots, I liked it but your hotspots are really difficult to find :D

littlekittysilver responds:

There is a spot near the water fall, if you where to look closely you can see throw the water that there is a cave hidden behind it, the pathway is off to the side. but there are other ending to the game, originally there was subpost to be a section where you can go into the castle with this mirror in it that if you spend to much time goofing around in the main room, your reflecting gets all bloody and disfigured and in the reflection the paint starts to peel off and blood seeps through the wall and if you wait even longer, the your reflection crawls out of the mirror and kills you. sadly I couldn't add it since there are several levels to the castle and more ways to die and would require a voice actor since you can bump into BloodLost. Sadly when my computer crashed all the animations i had done for the castle was lost. I'm just greatful I manage to get the castle scene into the forest part. I'm glad you liked it though.