Reviews for "Desktop Stripper"

You really are good in what your doing!

But I guess you already knew that!
I love your work, keep it up! :B


For a couple days I didn't really want to view this because I thought it wouldn't be that great. But after I did, I kind of slapped myself for taking so long. Anyways, great video, very funny. Made me laugh the entire time. That creepy little "goodbye papa" at the end made me shiver a bit. Along with the face that popped up with that spam bomb. But as always, you make some random funny videos and always do a good job with them. 10/5 hands down.

Oh Why Papa!?

Both entertaining and creepy. No longer shall the ignorant masses which for cybernetic suicidal stripper girlfriends with kids.


last thing i heard goodbye papa last thing i saw: error message saying fuck you

where can i get that application?