Reviews for "Desktop Stripper"

Let's just say I have a boy person that appears on the screen and I would respect him *not to have sex though* but If I were him *the person in the movie* I would respect Desktop Stripper and I wouldn't make her feel bad so dude respect women geez. What if you had a wife and you disrespected her? Well, she would hang herself and that will be YOUR problem, not mine. >:( I won't marry a man who would disrespect me badly *I wouldn't hang myself* I WOULD marry him if he sang me my favorite song: Pika girl <3!! So plz treat women nice and stuff and how could a dick be inside a computer cause she said "Touch your dumb dick to me" now THAT is wrong... *So, I hope these men would treat their wifes good cause wifes will ask for a divorce and YOU would be soooo lonely *I would marry a single man if he had a break-up with someone else* <3~ I wrote alot to explain to just treat your wifes good... :)


watch out,she may have a virus.

Holy fucking lol

This was a pretty neat idea. It got real creepy, I didn't see that part coming at all. Nice fucking job! :]