Reviews for "Desktop Stripper"

HA (This summary is too short)

Great idea, great great voices and timing.

Love the details in there, "don't dance on the ghetto".

Anyways, why's there no preloader and why is te hanging scene not zoomed in. Looks like you've uploaded ... the ... YOUTUBE VERSION!!?!?? Seriously, Yotam.

LazyMuffin responds:

I FIXED IT ))))))))))))):
thanks bud


Funny and detailed, you should work more on character design... also where can i download?

First :D

love you yotam <3


I haven't seen or thought about those annoying things in almost 10 years.
Not much critique I can offer you on this one, it was damn near perfect and hilarious.

This is awesome!

Wow the irony of those sexy screen savers (or the ones that just pops out on the screen just to entertain). Very informative until the end. Let me just delete the one I have or I might end up like him :)

LazyMuffin responds:

Hah I thought you called them "sexy screen slaves".