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Reviews for "PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6"

A Really Good Pokemon Movie Probably The Best

This is a very well done animation, good fluid and it has quality. The voice acting is great the voice actors really make you feel like they are actually experiencing the situation you are currently watching visually. I also agree with EnergyEmerald combining 2D & 3D is REAL AWSOME. And the interactive battle system is also pretty new to me. It's like a flash game in a movie, cool idea.
And also It's nice that you put in a bit of humor here and there to keep the audience entertained. And since I love Pokemon I really enjoyed this movie and the battle sequences.

My Conclusion Is: This Is Really Stepping Up To A New Definition Of Movies On Newgrounds.

Great Stuff, Keep It Up.



I also liked the battles, except for when the computer went first.
Graphics arte pretty decent, but could use just a bit more work, as there were pixels everywhere.
Man, I wish there was a Pokemon game where you could use any Pokemon you wanted to and have the battles be exactly like this on Newgrounds.
Also, it should be rayed T because of the small amount of swearing, but that's the only real problem.
There were also glitches.
I lost the second battle to Frosslass, and when I retried, its sprite was still there floating all over the place, making it seem like there were now two Pokemon to fight at once.
Also, a few times the Health appeard Red for no reason. It was compltely full and instead of green, it happened to appear red.
Also, there's an HP bug. When I started the second battle and looked at the Pokemon to use,it only showed a part of the full number (Such as 9/92 for Dewott when his health was full.)
Other than that, this is absolutely perfect. And because of you, I believe I just wrote the longest review I've ever written. Holy crap.

i love it

I can't help but laughing at every single scene with Gardevoir getting close to Teejay. The only thought that crosses my mind is Poke-bestiality. Amirite o Amirite? Nice job on the interactive battles though.

Awesome :D