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Reviews for "PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6"


As a fan who watched every single episode, I was kind of disappointed. Voice acting was O.K and interactive battles we're O.K as well. Graphics we're much better than episode 5 but my problems for the episode include it being too long and the voice acting didn't have much emotion. BTW, are you gonna announce the winners of the gym leader contest on November 16 or are you gonna make us wait to see who won on each episode?

teejay-number13 responds:

No all the winners will be announced at once, but it will be more like Nov 17 or 18 before the winners are announced.

I gotta admit, the voices aren't really all that spectacular. However, the interactive battles are a SPECTACULAR benefit to the series, I had lots of fun with it. Nice work.


For what is litle more then a fanfic this was alright. However multiple things about the battle system greatly annoy me.

From just the things I saw in one run through, I noticed a number of mistakes on attacks.
-Rock slide only hit one pokemon when in the games it his both opponents
-Earthquake hit both opponents, not everyone else on the field
-Charge did not raise SP.Def
-Burning Gallade did not half its attack
-Close Combat was neutral on a pure Psychic type

Honestly, the whole thing felt really quite off because the maker blatantly doesn't know how pokemon works.

teejay-number13 responds:

In order
-Rockslide was my fault, I didn't know it was supposed to hit two people. I've been told this already.
-I know earthquake hits everyone. I intentionally left out the friendly fire. Why? Because I wanted too.
-I know charge raises SP Def. But SP Def isn't taken into consideration when my game calculates damage, so It's pointless to include it.
-You're right, I didn't know burn reduce attacked by half. Now I do. You're not the first to mention this.
-Close combat was neutral on a pure pychic type? You mean Gallade versus Garedvoir? I'm pretty sure I said it was not effective.

Thank you for pointing out the flaws, I do try to do a lot of research to make sure I get things right. But to say that I "blatantly don't know how Pokemon works" is an uncalled for lie. With thousands of lines of code (all of which I had to write from scratch and I'm sure are over your head), a few things are bound to avoid my notice.

Sonic R music?! Wow, that brings back memories...of that creepy Tails Doll....
anyway, I think its' funny that Gardevior (if I'm spelling that right) is turning possessive of the dude. She acts all tough and 'I don't care' and then a Human girl comes along that he knows and suddenly she's getting nosy as to what their relationship is! lol

The bug's not fixed

It repeated the same scene, jumped to a new scene, and the audio from the past scene was still playing.
(Scene was scene 2, 2 repeated, jumped to 3, and kept going)

teejay-number13 responds:

I siad the bugs that were reported were fixed. But this one is new. Does it keep happening or was it just once? Because flash can't go over 16k frames and this flash has 34k frames, I had to cheat by using movie clips. Make sure your not using right click -> play. That would cause this bug.