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Reviews for "PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6"

I saw this in 'Today's best' and...

I like it, first I had to watch the first five of course, so I did and I will review all the six 'PKMN: World of Chaos' in one go:

Overall art: 9/10
Simple sprite use, almost at it's best well done at that. I liked how you changed the text balloon from the first five to mouth-movement, very well done. I had to get used to the voice acting at first, but it actually really works better that way.

Voices: 8/10
I think the voices can get a little more serious (more difference between characters if you use the same voice actor for different characters and make the voices sound more... natural), otherwise very well done, grand improvement!

Story/humor: 8/10
I like where the story is going, very much at that, enough to make me wanna watch the seventh part, or more to come. The slight hints of humor is a very nice change to what I'm used to at NG and it gives a more professional feeling to all of this. Very well done too!

Characters: 8/10
I normally don't review any characters, but I like very much what you've used from pokémon itself and added new characters and their personalities (I was a gardevoir fan already, mostly because of pokémon mystery dungeon, but I really like what you've made her character into).

Overall It's a 8/10 and a 4/5. Really congrats on Daily 3rd Place and I hope to see more of you soon! Great job, keep it going!

Good Job

I have to say I enjoyed the new features. Still a few typos such as a the that is only th and I had a glitch when fighting Mars when I lost and pressed try again. Something that I would like to see added is to be able to press space as well as click on the arrow to continue. good work anyway :D


This is great; the story really kicks off here, and everything looks pretty good.
I think you need to get someone else doing officer Jenny. She sounds bored on every line. Confusing, since she sounds fine as Bianca, but Jenny's voice just sucks. Despite that, though, this was REALLY enjoyable. I like the interactive battles, as well; it adds an element of fun that keeps the watcher/player involved.

Like the idea, feel sorry that tk almost dies in every episode. That whole gardavore X TJ thing is kinda creppy but, i have 1 question.
Why is there only 1 snag machine in the world?

teejay-number13 responds:

Who's tk? How many Snag Machines are there? Wait and see.

4 stars for everything and galade's voice acting. The rest of ya need some more practice with giving your acting a little more life lol.