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Reviews for "PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6"


The battles were great, but there was one glitch I noticed:

During Melanie's battle, I used a Super Potion, and Cheren's Pokemon came up as the selection for which Pokemon to use it on. After selecting, the Super Potion did NOT take effect!

I really loved how Rina-chan took the role of Gardevoir. She makes her sound bad-ass! And Seymour did a great job as Gallade and Oak!

The story was pretty good. There were several moments where I laughed, simply because of total anime craziness. XD

Can't wait for Episode 7, and the announcement of the Gym Leaders!

teejay-number13 responds:

Okay, that bug should be fixed now.


The visuals in this episode are a definite step up from previous episodes, including the splendid use of 3D effects.

I've only a few problems, mostly concerning the battle sequences. One, none of the dynamic text boxes have the Pokemon text font, a problem I've certainly had concerning interactive Flash development. You'll need to embed the fonts for every text box you use (at least, in my experience) or at the very least tell people what font you used so they can install it on their machines.

Second is how the announcement of Pokemon attacks comes after the attack animation. I can only assume this is a side-effect of the interactive battles, but I hope you find a way to put it before the animation (perhaps display it while the animation is playing).

Third is the text-advance button. While I'm fairly sure this was changed from using the spacebar due to public demand, the resulting button has an irregular "hit box" (for lack of a better term), making it somewhat annoying to click. If you don't want a visible rectangle around the symbol, setting its alpha to 1% should take care of that.

These are fairly minor gripes, though. Overall, this is an excellent work, and your Daily 3rd is well-deserved.

teejay-number13 responds:

The font I'm using is called Agency FB and it was on the list of universal web fonts, which is why I picked it. I tried to model the battles after the games and it tells you the attacks after they're used, plus it helps with the battle flow control. I switched to click the button to advance instead of space bar because in the interactive battles, each time you clicked a button to use an attack. You would have to click on the stage again to use the space bar. This wasn't a problem with code, just seems to be something flash does.


This Is The Best Pokemon Movie I Have Seen On Newgrounds! The Animation Is Great And The 3-D Battles Are Really Outstanding. The Only Thing I Don't Like Is That The Voice Actors Sound Boring, Don't Get Me Wrong I Like The Voice Acting Idea But, They Don't Sound Like They Are Into It.

Been watching all the episodes today, and I love the story and the script. Spriting is done very very good too. The one thing that I wanted to point out was that while some of the voice acting is done good, Rina-chan and yourself, some of it just seems to lack... emotion? A good example is when Officer Jenny says "We have some problems!" The way it is written and the way it was said just come off completely opposite. Some of it just seems, monotone. Overall, great episode and I will watch 7 next.

I saw this in 'Today's best' and...

I like it, first I had to watch the first five of course, so I did and I will review all the six 'PKMN: World of Chaos' in one go:

Overall art: 9/10
Simple sprite use, almost at it's best well done at that. I liked how you changed the text balloon from the first five to mouth-movement, very well done. I had to get used to the voice acting at first, but it actually really works better that way.

Voices: 8/10
I think the voices can get a little more serious (more difference between characters if you use the same voice actor for different characters and make the voices sound more... natural), otherwise very well done, grand improvement!

Story/humor: 8/10
I like where the story is going, very much at that, enough to make me wanna watch the seventh part, or more to come. The slight hints of humor is a very nice change to what I'm used to at NG and it gives a more professional feeling to all of this. Very well done too!

Characters: 8/10
I normally don't review any characters, but I like very much what you've used from pokémon itself and added new characters and their personalities (I was a gardevoir fan already, mostly because of pokémon mystery dungeon, but I really like what you've made her character into).

Overall It's a 8/10 and a 4/5. Really congrats on Daily 3rd Place and I hope to see more of you soon! Great job, keep it going!