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Reviews for "PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6"

Im really liking your series so far. I wanted to address something though, are you trying to build up some kind of complicated romance between gardevoir and her trainer? I also noticed you actually gave her breast, sort of...

teejay-number13 responds:

You'll just have to wait and see. And what's wrong with stylizing her a bit in my fanart? Do breast offend you?

i always knew it a cloneing experiment for the jennys and joys and awesome vids

Been watching all the episodes today, and I love the story and the script. Spriting is done very very good too. The one thing that I wanted to point out was that while some of the voice acting is done good, Rina-chan and yourself, some of it just seems to lack... emotion? A good example is when Officer Jenny says "We have some problems!" The way it is written and the way it was said just come off completely opposite. Some of it just seems, monotone. Overall, great episode and I will watch 7 next.

Its funny at the end when they fall down for something she missed

Thank you so much, this is a good change from the pokemon show they got now. I just watched all six, and they all are great. great storyline, great graphics, giving the characters your own voices, it's all great. continue to make more awesome ones just like this.