Reviews for "Ucogi's St.Pattys Game"

We are the Champions!

Me: Ha! I finally got that chest piece off of her, now to the next. *Clicks, sees the maze* Oh God!

I ended up beating it anyway but that maze scared me. Haha, nice work.


i died

very well done!

a good game, and fun a too!
it's very fun, and tricky (when you try to move in the maze), but at least it's some good fun, and the difficulty is reasonable(in the final level, you get to choose amongst other ''paths''.

also, i hope you can unlock the ''scenes'' page somehow, since i saw a hint/nudge towards it.

the girls were sexy, the tips/info were/was usefull, and the whole game was enjoyable.

do more!

Veinom responds:

Yes lvl 10 is hard but its a multi-path, thanks for bringing it up!
and yes there is a way to get to the scenes directly but its a secret! ;)

It should have a save feature because I just beat it and died. Now I want to see her nude and click around to check out all the things at the end, but it starts aaaaaaall the way over. Great game... please make more and definitely make the dark haired woman nude-able!

Veinom responds:

The game is too short for a save option. Alice appears naked in SuckerSuck game ;)

OMG! Finally i beat the challenge with my shity mouse! HAHA!

I lol'ed with Alice's final caution, haha