Reviews for "Ucogi's St.Pattys Game"


So hot


Welcome-To-The-Adults! Nice-game! Wiggly-boobs! I-love-it! =XD make-more! She-was-hot!

quite nice

to be honest i kinda wished for more levels or at least being able to choose between Ucogi and Alice,the only difficulty i saw in this game would be the paths that go behind her and if you get hit with a second of lag then you start again

its nice to see it has more to a purpose than mere hentai,i finished it in 4 minutes,and i couldn't resist ignoring Alice's warnings...i should've expected that kind of ending

Veinom responds:

10 is a good round number for levels. And there couldnt be more levels since Ucogi runs out of clothes! And if Alice was getting undressed... then who would do the undressing? Tough questions! But that means you liked the game and that pleases me!

Best part?

The remix of the Ocarina Of Time Market song <3 It's REALLY good(this coming from a hardcore LoZ fan)

okay.... while the gameplay was infuriating and frusterating, the pay off was sooooo worth it =///=...

Veinom responds:

There's balance in the universe!