Reviews for "Ucogi's St.Pattys Game"


This was good for a lonely night by myself. It had really good production values and Ucogi is super hawt! I wish she was real so she could hang out with me! I hope you make a lot more of these games! 5'd and favorited!

Fail 6 times
like a boss
good game cant find any sectrets though', make more.

short and simple. animation was fantastic lol ;)

SOOOOO. If you left and right click at the same time you have to move fast but the game lags and the path looks fainter then gets darker just move into the lines before it darkens. i got 15 secs. and 9 fails. score still doesnt matter. but 5 star game, oh yes a 5 star game

I haven't played this game in 1 year and I beat it faster than ever lol