Reviews for "Ucogi's St.Pattys Game"

hey what's up

It's me, the one from youtube[who find a cheat on this game] you didn't fix the error so I cheated again :D ,lol, but anyway this game is perfect, nice drawings, good job :)

Veinom responds:

Its funny, more time was spent for anti-cheating programming, than programming the game itself! The error you found is an error worth having. Besides I'd need more skill to pull that trick off that actually beating the game in a honest way! And I like when there is a back door to getting things done! Thanks!

Great job

You are very talented. The artwork is great and so is the concept.

Ive won

I have now succeed in life


This game is cool dude! Challenging, Fun and Educational. I like it! I wonder if there will be a game based on Alice where Ucogi gets her revenge.


Ive been hearing that the way to get the secret menu here is similar to the 2nd way to Hangman. somthing to do with word Defile. Wat does that mean and how do i do it?

Veinom responds:

Its part of the riddle! No point in hiding it, if I tell everyone how to find it :)