Reviews for "Ucogi's St.Pattys Game"


probably the best hentai game and mouse avoider ever made

Veinom responds:

That was my intension! Thank you!

tricky,fustrateing,totally worth it

its a great game and being an irishmen myself i salute you for makeing this bravo laddie bravo

Veinom responds:

Haha! Then its a great honor to be be saluted by a person who can appreciate this! Researching for your history was very enlightening!

Patience is certainly a virtue.

Great game, it's fun and rewarding for those who can be patient and keep a steady hand. Smooth animation, and great art on the characters.
I have a problem sometimes when I navigate the cursor through the maze when it is covered up by Ucogi.
Other than that, it is really an entertaining skill game.

Veinom responds:

thank you for you nice comment. The maze go behind Ucogi as part of the difficulty, they are done on purpose.