Reviews for "Ucogi's St.Pattys Game"

Art is ok, trivia are cool. But the real point of this game lies elsewhere.

Can't remember the last time your mouse flew through the window ? Don't have what it takes to murder your annoying neighbour ? Play this game ! Only a few minutes and you'll be enraged enough to breathe and fart fire ! I especially recommend level 9 if you're aiming at berserk state.
To say it loud and clear, this game is fu***** NEARLY impossible to end. And if you don't ragequit, you'll get... three cheap loops of boobs. Woohoo.

With an appropriate difficulty, I'd give it 3 stars. Like this, I'm not even sure it deserves more than 1...

I haven't played this game in 1 year and I beat it faster than ever lol

There's a special kind of hell for people who makes games unnaturally hard, I don't mind doing a little work for some tits, but from what I can see, and done, most of the times I lost, I wasn't anywhere near the edge, however, I do like the little trivia, so 3.5 stars , if possible, make the lines a bit better

This music is from Ocarina of Time... Why?

I've salvaged my record time on this recently; thank goodness for graphics tablets lol.

imgur . com / a / js7ps

I zoomed in to 150% using Google Chrome to achieve it; for reasons beyond my knowledge this is the first time I've tried doing that. My record without zooming in is 43 seconds. I've been a Ucogi fan for about 5 years now; it's my favorite pervy Flash game series on the internet without an iota of doubt; I hope to see it continued, but understand if you're preoccupied with other affairs such as the workload that Mogi Origins' development has created. Also, I've slightly wondered, did you rotoscope and of the animations you did for the blonde-haired cartoon minx with an obscure name starting with a u that we all know and love? The physics in a lot of the animations of her are beyond impressive and convincing; the way that her tits move like Jello against the slight pressing of her hands in the signature hypnotits animation, all of the organic expanding and contracting in the yuri scene; fucking tasty stuff.