Reviews for "soundbox"

Bad ass!!!

Try x,p,o,z

It's pretty phat.

Bad Ass

Try x,p,z,w

Very cool

The best beat is (N, V, O, R, E)

Right fuckin'on

Hey that's so cool! I played it for an hour or so and I found out the best beats you can do with it... try (P,E) at the same time ( you press "p" and "E" )
here is some other shit...
(P,I),(B,C),(B,X),(P, X),(N,V,X),(B,C,X),(B,C,E),(B, X,E),(B,C,X,I) and you wanna try the best beat! here it is (B,C,X,I,E)
Try it! it's so fuckin'cool! rock on!
*~bacon_n_bacon~* music rules!!!
Right fuckin'on rootdown I'm proud of ya!


wow! that was awesome! nice piece of work...the keys were laid out a bit strangely. but overall...great work.