Reviews for "soundbox"

music is good is interactive is people is fun

:) First off what does Ali have to do with this? Why is he there? Very good, but I am sure you are aware there are a lot of these mixers out there, you need a little more unique flavoring to set it apart from the crowd. I loved the techno/jungle sound but there was a little awkwardness with some of the meshing of sounds. Overall a lot of fun, I enjoy these a lot and will get a loop going on some of the more advanced ones that I use and listen to it here at work a lot. I enjoyed your effort, you have a lot of talent


That was f*cking awesome! I sat there for about 20 minutes playing with it. I love the tunes you used and the drum sequences were amazing. PLZ MAKE ANOTHER!!!

time for a new pc?

i love the concept, in fact i once tried something similar to, but FAR less attractive than this "drum sequence computer". too bad that Flash screws up the timing (there is a delay between pressing a key and hearing a sequence) which makes it hard to start sequences in sync. but it's got style and class and i played with it for at least 15 minutes.

Those were some pretty graphics..

Eek, all I can say is... you must have a talent, Those graphics were EXCEPTINOALLY good, and I liked the idea too, I can't make much things on it though..

has anyone made any music with it?

has anyone recorded any music with it, they should up load it if you have, probably be kinda cool