Reviews for "soundbox"

wow very suprising

heh i clicked on it expecting to spend like 10 maybe 15 mins on it i was playing for like 40 mins haha maybe it was because iw as bored but it was fun mixing all the different sounds and stuff

good stuff

this is one of the best techno remix things i've seen on newgrounds. i love the way the keys moving show the beat and cool ass easy mixing. anyone who tries this, don't just throw stuff in on the downbeats, put one in on the upbeats and see how it sounds against the others, or certain sound effects sound great with a slight delay behind the other sounds. i forgot which key it was but if u add some stuff in like a quater of a beat behind it sound awesome, or maybe it was half a beat. but anyway, this thing is great

Innovative and fun!

Innovative, clever,and fun! A painless and enjoyable way to mix some techno soundbytes and beats. The best thing is the seamless 3d graphics and music syncrhonization of each piece to your own liking. And if anyone cres to now, I found favorite beat to be an increasing mix of PXIEQ. Add each one in that order, on the downbeat, and I think it sounds really neat!

Not exactly a game, but still awesome.

It isn't a game, but instead a great gizmo to mess around with, and one of the more innovative things on Newrounds. It would be great to see more stuff like this.


This is one great game. It allows you to be a DJ. No experience needed.