Reviews for "soundbox"

crazy shit! so damn good!

Hey that's so cool! I played it for an hour or so and I found out the best beats you can do with it... try (P,E) at the same time ( you press "p" and "E" )
here is some other shit...
(P,I),(B,C),(B,X),(P, X),(N,V,X),(B,C,X),(B,C,E),(B, X,E),(B,C,X,I) and you wanna try the best beat! here it is (B,C,X,I,E)
Try it! it's so fuckin'cool! rock on!
*~albusguy~* music rules!!!

Right fuckin'on rootdown I'm proud of ya!

Wow that was great :P

Hey i liked it great job! I spent some time on it for a little while and i got some good beats together im impressed if u make some more like this make more sounds to choose from so far so good! Keep up the good work

I like it but.............

it's a little too short lasted and needs more samples. other than that it's pretty good. I like the style. good work.