Reviews for "soundbox"

God that was so fucking awsome

Most inovative thing I've seen on Newgrounds since that turntable game. Very very good job.

very nice

that was pretty sweet. did you know that the DM2 music software, you know the thing with the turntables and buttons that you hookup to your computer, the DM2 software shit is all made in flash.

rock on

great! if you try it for a while you can make fat sounds. its the best with the keys.

I liked it

I think you would've gotten a higher score if it didn't freeze up my computer. Cool sounds and all of them sound like they fit together. A+! JUST MAKE SURE YOU CLSOE ALL PROGRAMS BEFORE VIEWING THIS AND PUT IN LOW QUALITY!


Wow this is great!!! I like it much better than 'is.'