Reviews for "soundbox"

i spent hours trying to make the perfect mix...

i liked it all. my bro would like it too... i love techno music.


i bet you could be a very good dj. that was so much fun. ive been playing with it for so long. i think theres a couple of small promblems but still its so cool. thanks for the soundbox.

Awesome, yet a little confusing.

Very nice. However it may be nice to make a help page or easier controls, because it's extremly confusing sometimes (for instance I didn't get how to stop two green circles).


I thoroughly enjoyed this. May I just suggest a little more fast stuff and some more bass selections in a possible version 1.1 or 2.0. Very, very good. Keep it bumpin'.


I have to go clean myself... that was such an outstanding work, it shocked me into loosing my fluids all down the leg of me trousers. Ive actually dreamt of sucha thing, except in the dream it was in virtual reality. You have interpreted the meme better than i could hope to.