Reviews for "Jack: Episode 1"

Shows promise

I really liked the script, the music, the voice-acting. It all felt very creepy and weird. What stops me from giving you a higher mark, however, is your drawing and animating abilities. I can understand that you may have been going for a certain drawing style, not trying to over-complicate it all. Some people are very good at drawing and animating seemingly simple artwork. The movement of your characters is a bit jerky sometimes, and the drawing, especially of the faces, seems a little simple. Almost child-like drawings, in some respects. I think the main reason I say this is that they all look the same. All your characters were same height, build. The only variables were clothing and hair colour. Making a female character, or just giving someone glasses would help this to some extent. What would make the biggest difference is softening up the lines used to construct the faces, the eyes and eyebrows, for instance, were very harsh lines. Maybe this was anintentional deliberate stylistic device, but I did not like it. It looked to me like you had begun drawing a character with construction lines for proportion, etc, then stopped half way through drawing. It's not mathematics, you don't have to show your working.

good writing

i lvoe the script and writing so far but your animation could definitely use some work, i like the overall style but it could flow alot smoother, other the that great overall project hope to see more soon!

holy shit

this is EPIC
plz make more ;P

soooo when's the other?

Wanting more.... what is that bad to ask?

Finally something good on the frontpage

At last, an original, well thought of and well voiced animation. there's too few of these around.
So, a year's wait, huh? I'll definitely check back.