Reviews for "Jack: Episode 1"


but I have one question whins the sequil

pretty good intro!

your voice acting sounded like you were speacking at my ears
which creeped me out, i think you wanted that to go along though lol
this was interesting, looks like a robot vampire lol


very good move .
1.what is jack
2.when the next one

NeroGeist responds:

1. An accident

2. Sometime early summer (hopefully)

I love your work

You HAVE to finish the series, the animation is great, and the twist at the end XD

Well im interested

IT was very excellent animation; and i did like the voice for the characters, atleast the ones that were dedicated to the main characters.

The main reason im giving ya a 9/10, is cause it was kinda short; But from the way ya ended it their will be a very interesting episode 2.

Cant wait to see it ;D