Reviews for "Jack: Episode 1"

Voice acting and sound sfx are great! Art is excellent too. Getting a little clearer idea of why he's doing what he does would help with the flow, I kept waiting for a purpose.

What dose he do Eat People?
Like a batman voice O:


Make another!

Well done.

I think this will be a success future series. I am personally looking forward for the next episode and your art style suits this perfectly. I like the way you portray jack and the animation is great. Please keep up the good work. I hope to see your future animations.

I'm interested...

Well, it's been a while since something like this has popped up on Newgrounds, I just have two questions.
1. What is he, and don't mysteriously say "an accident".
2. What was his life before this, if he had one.

answer this next episode please