Reviews for "Jack: Episode 1"


the animation is good..but some of the voice actors is a bit...cheesy im not saying its bad just...nhee

Interesting enough

I was put off by the choppy animation, the 'trying to hard to be cool' dialogue, that generic and arrogant crackly voice seen in every "babby's first" bad guy that I was presented with at the beginning of the video. But, as it progressed it all became much more tolerable and I even became, dare I say, interested. I'll be checking back for Episode 2, you pass.

A word of advice, or more of a request actually -- this seems like it could play out to be very generic, please don't let it.


can't wait till number 2, you should complete the series soon!

I see what you did there

He has shoulder blade-blades! =D


I liked it but im kinda pissed off the fact that its a year wait -__- like i cant wait that long. Anyways if you guys need help on the next year flash contact me id like to help out.