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Reviews for "Madotsuki's Dream Dock"

I'm confused...

I'm not entirely sure what I just watched, but it was a little disturbing.

I don't blame you for putting this as point and click since I can't really think of anything else to put it as. Maybe experimental?

Overall, the animation and music were both good, but I still can't tell exactly what I just watched, which makes this kind of hard to critique. Sorry.

Either way, good job.

<Review Request Club>

4/5 cause you really fooled me into thinking this was just one of those random games which arent even games (actually this is kinda not a game)...and as everyone was saying that random ghost person really scared the shit outa me I was like *click*...eh? nothing? maybe its a bug ah well *click click click click* WHATDAFA.....

Holy F**kin' Sh*t.
That ending. Is terrifying.

Damn you!
I knew it would happen!
Man, I got scared... wow.
That worked.

nice doesn't really look any thing scary I just saw a few silly ghosts and she was just watching the see does it take too long for something scary to actually happens?

Pienkaito responds:

It's all about the atmosphere. Just enjoy the music and surreal scenery.
There's nothing to be scared from.