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Reviews for "Madotsuki's Dream Dock"

Pretty darn great

Although the ending is so so. I somewhat jumped, but just the looping part of it was great. An excellent tribute to Yume Nikki, one of my favorite games ever. Nice job. Nice music. Pretty awesome. Good work.

haha awesome,when you got lamp effect and the lamp next to you turns into monokos head i was like "wtf" then when i saw the faceless girl on the other dock i was like "must...click" so i did and i expected somethign with uboa.i didnt see monoko coming at all.epic game

this this the most disturbing shit ever made by a man, goose, or android. i respectfully say that this is great job in Scratch, but, the Monoko bit was a little scary. The Windmill World was a little strange but, i was like clicklicklicklicklicklicklick with the dock woman. and then BAM. the rabbit out of the hat. Loved it. so horrid. love this and more. i shall rate 10 out of 10

oh my god!!! ... you actually got me there, nice one. :(

Ahaha. Even though it's full of stuff I don't get, I still love this game(?). I loved everything. Even that girl you mentioned. What's the music called? I really liked it! :D