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Reviews for "Madotsuki's Dream Dock"

I miss Yume Nikki. Too bad I have a memory for games! I can just replay bits in my head, or go online to see the rest. Beat that game, and it was AWESOME. heheh. those wavyhandstairz! O.o

I wish I hadn't already played Mermaid Swamp.. damn it.

nice doesn't really look any thing scary I just saw a few silly ghosts and she was just watching the see does it take too long for something scary to actually happens?

Pienkaito responds:

It's all about the atmosphere. Just enjoy the music and surreal scenery.
There's nothing to be scared from.


Damn you!
I knew it would happen!
Man, I got scared... wow.
That worked.

That really scared the shit out of me xD Curse you Pkmn2 >w<
I was enjoying the music then I got distracted for few sec and when I clicked the tab to get back to the game... That damn thing poped-up at me...
The good part is that I've read all of the warnings in your damn description before I played this sick game... How came I didn't expect that??? o_O
I promise I'll make you pay for this the same way you did to me >:3

Pienkaito responds:

I...I'm absolutely terrified now.

It was nice seeing our little dreamer in a higher definition. The entire animation shows a mixture of sadness, loneliness, and emptiness; just like in the original game. (And that Monoko at the end... That was exactly how Yume Nikki felt at times)
P.S.: Why you didn't add the Yuki-Onna or the Medamaude effect?

Pienkaito responds:

I actually had Yuki-Onna at some point finished.
...I accidently deleted the file.

Medamaude was a bit hard to draw, so I left it out.